A report from Pew charitable and Systemiq shows that in tackling the plastic waste crisis, there's no time to lose. A delay of just 5 years would result in 80 million tonnes of plastic entering our oceans between now and 2040 - equivalent to 13,000 bottles per second for the next 20 years..


Last week I wrote about technological optimism. This week let's talk about the opposite – what we call "de-innovation" – getting rid of "innovation" that is not helping any more. Saul Griffith describes how a 70-80% reduction in GHG within the next 15 years is..


Technological optimism is a contested issue is the sustainability arena. While wonderful solutions exist, from the very simple ones like painting the blades of wind turbine black to reduce 70% of bird deaths, to Changing the catalysis of aluminum production..

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