About Us

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The Institute utilizes knowledge in the disciplines of engineering, system services, and logistical planning, trains and assists technology developers to reach the market through guidance in developing environmental innovation and creating partnerships, and assists companies seeking to test new business models to understand and experience the potential of this new world. The Institute will also offer academic training in engineering and management as part of the institute's curriculum.

The Institute works in collaboration with research and development centers, partnering them with Afeka bodies such as the Center for Residual Energy and Heat Transfer, the Materials Center, the Center for Management and Engineering Service, and the Center for Infrastructure, Transportation and Logistics.

Avi Blau

Head of the Institute of Circular Engineering and Economy

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Tom Pesach

Circular plastics project manager


Dori Hershgal

Disciplines: Green Building, Energy Efficiency, Energy Surveys

Dr. David Katz

Disciplines: economic analysis, environmental economics

Institute Faculty

Dr. Moshe Tshuva

Head of the Center for Energy and Heat Transfer.

Prof. Erel Avineri

Director of the Center for Infrastructure, Transport, and Logistics

Dr. Shai Rozenes

Director of the Center for Management and Engineering Services.