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Israeli Case Studies

Israeli Case Studies

Infimer: Turning waste into something of value

TIPA: Biodegradable packaging for consumer goods

3D Signals: Maintenance personnel of machine malfunctions

Wasteless: Reducing food waste through dynamic pricing

Ferrois: Expanding the lifespan of industrial brushes

Trench: Giving clothes a new home, and new life

Spotinst: Selling computing as a service and maximizing efficiency

Oranit: Cradle to cradle wood products

Clarifruit: Reducing food waste by testing produce freshness

NCF: Creating cleaner alternatives to CO2

NUF: Innovative water treatment with medical technology

Repark: Renting private parking spaces in Tel Aviv

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Toyswap: An online library for kids toys

International Case Studies

International Case Studies


Turning lighting into a service


A modular smartphone made to last


Leading the way in 100% material reuse

Cadel Deinking

Making recycling plastic easier

Mazuma Mobile

Recycling and refurbishing mobile technology




Plastic tableware ban


Tax breaks for item repair

United States

Right to Repair laws

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