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Our current linear economic system is broken, wasting resources and money.

With more than 9 billion people expected to dwell on the earth in 2030, the challenge of providing the required consumption levels while minimizing the environmental impact is an immense technological, economic, political and human challenge. The circular economic model offers to sever the link between economic growth and environmental impacts often stem from it, and offers a new industrial model. 

London waste and recycling boars is looking for a head of circular economy program
Ikea, Unilever and BT spearhead net-zero supply chain initiative with exciting opportunities for circular SMEs
IUCN and partners launch novel fund to drive investment to nature-based solutions
KTN is hosting a virtual forum on 11.11 to consider the use of mathematical science in supporting plastic reuse
Apple is looking for Environmental Initiatives Program Manager
Microsoft looking for a sustainability science lead
Amsterdam is searching for preventative maintenance solutions to its quay walls and bridges
Circularize (Netherlands) is recruiting software people
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